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Plastic Bumper Repair Perth

That’s a very ordinary looking bumper indeed but it doesn’t have to be. If you were to take your car to a panel shop for this kind of plastic bumper repair, it could take days and cost quite a bit more, at least your excess.

Panel shops do excellent work getting our damaged cars back on the road but if the damage is minor that’s where we can help.

We don’t need to respray the whole bumper, thats unnecessary, more time consuming and costly.

Perth Bumper & Buff just do spot repairs on your plastic bumper, by sanding out the damage, preparing the surface then blending the new and old paints together to make the repair unnoticeable.

Using the best tools, products and techniques, Perth Bumper & Buff ensure a long lasting repair and if we didn’t, we would be cutting corners – which we don’t do.

The average repair takes approximately 2.5hrs and is performed at your home or place of work.

Our prices are generally cheaper than your insurance excess.

Call today for a free quote or some friendly advice.