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Tough Seal Ceramic Coating Perth

Tough Seal Ceramic Coating Perth

Learn all about the product we will use to protect your car.

Perth Toughseal Coating

Do not pay excessive prices for paint, fabric, vinyl, or leather protection for your vehicle.

Toughseal can be Professionally applied by our exclusive network of Approved Applicators Australia-wide. All Toughseal applicators are fully insured, maintain a high quality of service, and are highly trained in all Toughseal products. Our Perth Toughsel Coating specialist will help ensure your car is protected year-round.

Toughseal QFX will protect your car, bike or caravan against:

  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Colour fading
  • Acid rain etching
  • Peeling
  • Frost
  • Tree sap
  • Insect Acid
  • Bird lime
  • Oxidation (chalking)
  • Road salts
  • Petrol and diesel fumes
  • Light scratches & stone chips
  • Waxing or Polishing will never be required again

Toughseal High Gloss Shampoo

Toughseal High Gloss Shampoo is a paint protection system enhancer in itself. When used for regular washing as part of the Protection Program, it will help strengthen and preserve the unique properties of Toughseal’s protective chemical formulations applied to your car’s paintwork. 

It’s the reason we’re so confident your car will maintain a high gloss showroom finish that every customer who joins the program is issued with a 10 year manufacturers warranty through Toughseal Australia. Provided the vehicle meets it’s ‘Yearly Maintenance’ obligations, the vehicle will fall under a lifetime warranty, which is transferrable to any new owners of the vehicle. This warranty is issued through Paint Protection Plus.

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    Why Tough Seal Ceramic coating is the best paint protection

    Paint protection coatings are relatively new and are becoming a car detailing and automotive industry leader. It serves as an all in one protective layer to your car, protecting from UV rays, scratches and peeling. Here is how ceramic coatings will help protect your car.

    Give permanent protection

    Tough Seal Ceramic paint protection makes your car look polished and like it came straight out of a showroom. It is a very tough coating so you can rest easy that it can handle almost anything!

    Highest rated paint protection

    Ceramic coating can be best measured on the pencil scale, which is 9H. This ranking indicated that the ceramic seal will stay hard no matter what if applied correctly.

    Chemical resistant

    Tough seal ceramic coating is so durable that it can only be removed through abrasion. Coatings that arent ceramic won’t be as resistant to chemicals as this.

    Prevents oxidation and corrosion

    Tough seal ceramic coatings stop all moisture from being able to seep into your paintwork which can cause massive amounts of damage to your paintwork.

    Temperature resistant and UV protective

    Aside from water and chemicals, tough seal ceramic coatings can protect your vehicle from damages caused by extreme temperature. So whether it’s heavy rainy days or super-hot days, your car’s paintwork won’t be damaged.

    Best gloss and shine

    Not only does tough seal ceramic coating protect your car it helps to make it shine just like brand new!

    Your car won’t attract as much dirt and liquid as it does now

    Due to the smoothing that a ceramic coating creates, it is physically harder for dirt to get into the grooves in your paintwork. Without a ceramic coating paint even if appearing smooth has many little grooves that dirt will collect in, not only building up faster but also harder to clean off. Toughseal ceramic paint coating will smooth over these grooves making the dirt you do collect easier to clean off.

    Can Toughseal products harm my paintwork?

    No, Toughseal will only enhance the look of your vehicle’s painted surface.

    It is not in any way harmful to your vehicle’s painted surface.
    Toughseal is a protective coating for the surface of your vehicle.