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Paint Protection Pinjar

Pinjar Paint Protection

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    Here is why ceramic paint protection is the best car paint protection system available

    Paint protection coatings are relatively new and are becoming a car detailing and automotive industry leader. 
    It serves as an all in one protective layer to your car, protecting from UV rays, scratches and peeling. 
    Here is how ceramic coatings will help protect your car.

    Give permanent protection​

    Ceramic paint protection makes your car look polished and like it came straight out of a showroom. It is a very tough coating so you can rest easy that it can handle almost anything!

    Highest rated paint protection

    Ceramic coating can be best measured on the pencil scale, which is 9H. This ranking indicated that the ceramic seal will stay hard no matter what if applied correctly.

    Chemical resistant

    Ceramic coating is so durable that it can only be removed through abrasion. Coatings that aren’t ceramic won’t be as resistant to chemicals as this.

    Prevents oxidation and corrosion

    Ceramic coatings stop all moisture from being able to seep into your paintwork which can cause massive amounts of damage to your paintwork.

    Temperature resistant and UV protective

    Ceramic coating is so durable that it can only be removed through abrasion. Coatings that aren’t ceramic won’t be as resistant to chemical aside from water and chemicals, ceramic coatings can protect your vehicle from damages caused by extreme temperatures. So whether it’s heavy rainy days or super-hot days, your car’s paintwork won’t be damaged.

    Best gloss and shine

    Not only does ceramic paint protection coating protect your car it helps to make it shine just like brand new!

    Your car won't attract as much dirt and liquid as it does now

    Due to the smoothing that a ceramic coating creates, it is physically harder for dirt to get into the grooves in your paintwork. Without a ceramic coating paint even if appearing smooth has many little grooves that dirt will collect in, not only building up faster but also harder to clean off. Ceramic paint coating will smooth over these grooves making the dirt you do collect easier to clean off.

    Pinjar Paint Protection

    The best paint protection in Perth. We choose to use Tough Seal Coatings Perth because they have been independently tested, proven over time, and considered one of the best for Pinjar harsh sunlight!

    We offer the best quality coatings to our customers, you can rest assured that we have the experienced staff to make your car is not only protected but also safe. 

    ine ceramic protection is what professional detailers refer to as paint protection. Once the paintwork has been decontaminated and corrected only then is when these high-grade products can be applied to offer a layer that is resistant to acid, water, scratches, and alkaline. The advancement of technology in this area has seen many great improvements in recent years and it just seems to be getting better each and every year.

    What is Paint protection?

    Paint Protection is a loosely defined term that can easily be misused. Technically any sort of wax, sealant, or spray that provides even a minor enhancement and minimal protection from the elements can be classed as paint protection. This creates genuine confusion for people searching online.

    Our other car restoration/protection services:

    Protection Applied in Pinjar after buying your car

    Should you buy aftermarket paint protection? What is the difference between the types of paint protection? These are just a few of the questions that we get asked often, but don’t worry we have the answers. New car owners often get no – too little information about the products that they would use if you agree. Not only that there is a lot of pressure and pushiness involved and no time to research on your own.

    Not all paint protection products are built the same and every product will have it’s pros and cons.

    Toughseal Ceramic will make your car shine stronger than it ever has. Permanent water sheeting and the carbon self-cleaning effect will keep your car looking great in between washes. 

    Vehicles are the 2nd biggest investment. Maintaining the investment has been no easier costing you a little fraction of your initial investment price. Ultimate Detailer Paint Protection, Not only does it improve re-sale value, but allows easier maintenance providing a more trusted protection over the life of the vehicle. For More Accurate Quotes, call us or send us images of your car so we can give you a better quote.