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Ceramic Coat Paint Protection Ashendon

Find out what myths for ceramic coat paint protection are real and what is false.

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7 Benefits of Ceramic Paint Protection

Paint protection coatings are relatively new and are becoming a car detailing and automotive industry leader.

It serves as an all in one protective layer to your car, protecting your car from UV rays and scratches.

Find out how we can help you protect and care for your car.

Temperature resistant and UV protective

Ceramic coatings can protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays that are all too common in Perth.

So whether it’s heavy rainy days or super-hot days, your car’s paintwork won’t be damaged.

Chemical resistant

Ceramic paint protection is so durable that it can only be removed through abrasion. Coatings that arent ceramic won’t be as resistant to chemicals as this.

Prevents Oxidation and Corrosion

Cermaic paint protection makes your car resistant to oxidation, corrosion, scratches and small dents meaning your car is far more durable.

Less money spent on wax

While the upfront cost might be a bit more over time you will save money on expensive wax and scratch repair from small cosmetic scratches, not to mention the cost that comes with re-painting when UV fades your colour.

Water-repelling properties

The liquid polymer in ceramic coating makes your car’s paint hydrophobic, which means that it repels water. This allows mud and grime to also slide off easily and makes the entire car easier to keep clean.

Best gloss and shine

Not only does tough seal ceramic coating protect your car it helps to make it shine just like brand new!

Your car won't attract as much dirt and liquid as it does now

Due to the smoothing that a ceramic coating creates, it is physically harder for dirt to get into the grooves in your paintwork. 

Without a ceramic coating paint even if appearing smooth has many little grooves that dirt will collect in, not only building up faster but also harder to clean off. Toughseal ceramic paint coating will smooth over these grooves making the dirt you do collect easier to clean off.

Ceramic Coating Ashendon Myths - The Truth About Ceramic Coating Paint Protections

Ceramic coatings do protect your car and WELL! However, some companies boast what they can do and today we will explore and talk about some of the myths about ceramic coatings.

Myth 1: I don’t have to wash my car they are fully self-cleaning with the coating.

This is something we have been asked so many times and we now make sure to explain this to anyone looking into ceramic coating. Yes, the ceramic coating will make your car stay cleaner longer and make washing your car much easier, but you must still wash your car. 

If you don’t over time the water-repelling and beading protection from the coating will be less effective. Unfortunately, there is no protection that will mean you won’t have to wash your car.

Myth 2: My car won’t get scratched anymore with a ceramic coating

Now this one is a common misconception especially when you see scratch resistance on the list of benefits. It is so important to know that ceramic (or at least Though Seal) will help prevent scratches, but there are many kinds of scratches to take note of:

  • Swirl marks are noticeable in direct sunlight: Swirls look like spider web lines on your paint and are caused from anything that touches your paint. Wash mitts, sponges, a chamois, drying towels, brooms and brushes – all these tools will cause swirls to some degree.
  • Small scratches: if you walk past your car with a bag that has some metal on it, or a zipper on a jacket. These kind of scratches can be reduced, obviously if there is too much pressure behind this it will mark the car.

protection. They are there to help protect your car against swirls and scratches. It offers a sacrificial layer that can be applied to protect the car’s paintwork below it.

Myth 3: Will my ceramic coating peel off when it breaks down?

This is something that freaks people out about ceramic coatings. After seeing their old Camry of Commodore have paint flaking off and the clear coat peeling off, especially living in Perth and salt in the air breaking down paint faster than normal.

Many people that have spoken to us were worried that the ceramic coat would do the same once it starts to break down.

Thankfully, this is totally not the case! A ceramic coating forms a thin yet incredibly strong bond on top of the clear coat. It will not flake off like a thick layer of clear coat will.

When maintained, ceramic coatings are without a doubt the best form of protective coating available. Come in and chat to our team about our Tough Seal range of Ceramic Coatings.

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