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Bumper Scratch Repair Marangaroo

Bumper Scratch Repair Marangaroo

How to repair bumper scratch? - Marangaroo Bumper Scratch Repair

Bumper scratches and scuffs are unsightly and alarmingly easy to get. You don’t have to cover your car with hard-to-remove bumper stickers to make it look better. 

You can repair the bumper by yourself but that is a lot of work and time that you may not need to spend on the car. Getting a professional Perth Bumper repairer to fix your bumper can be more cost-effective than you may think.

Step 1. Lets start with understanding how a Bumper works

Today, the actual “bumper” part of a front or rear bumper is invisible. The part of the car’s structure that’s used for saving the vehicle’s body from damage is well hidden behind a fairly large semirigid piece of painted plastic.

This plastic covering is designed to deflect and deform easily when bumped. The theory goes that you can run into it lightly and the plastic will pop back into its original shape.

However, really wallop it, especially with a hard or sharp object, and the plastic will abrade, cut or tear. That’s what causes the damage that needs repairing.

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    Step 2. Assess the damage

    Light: Light scratches are almost entirely cosmetic. The scratch has no depth to it, and there’s no dent associated with it. These are fairly easy to remove, and there’s no need for a more professional solution.

    To tell if a scratch is light, run your fingernail over it. If it catches, it’s a heavy scratch and will need some more effort to repair.

    Heavy or Deep Scratches

    Heavy: Heavy scratching is usually the result of you hitting something, or having your car hit by another car. Recessed scratching is accompanied by denting. The paint may be completely removed with a heavy scratch.

    It’s possible to rehab damage like this on your own, however, the damage may be too severe to completely fix the issue. It’s advised that if your bumper is damaged, that you take your bumper to a professional.

    Step 3. Contact a professional

    You might think “oh its only a small scratch I can fix that”, and yes you can but then you have to, wash, sand, fill, sand again and colour match all on your own and we can tell you now it will not look as good as you are hoping it will.

    If the damage is beyond a simple fix, or you’re not comfortable doing the repair yourself, it’s best to contact a professional. Many times they will come to your house and do the work for a very reasonable price. If you have comprehensive car insurance, it may cover the cost of bumper repair.

    Just make sure when looking for a professional, that you get a qualified, experienced and insured individual. Reputable businesses will be more than happy to share their insurance and certification information with you.

    When having your bumper repaired, you’ll usually have three options:

    • repairing the damage yourself;
    • taking it to a professional who will do the repair for you; or
    • having it replaced entirely.

    As we stated before, repairing a bumper yourself can be time-consuming and difficult to do correctly. If you choose this method, make sure you know what needs to be done and how to do it right. Most professionals will use special tools and primers that they’ve found to help the repair process go more smoothly.

    Replacing a bumper can be expensive, but it’s a sure way to fix the problem and have a brand new bumper. Many times, if the damage is not too severe, the professionals may be able to repair the bumper instead of replacing it. It all depends on what needs to be done and how much of the bumper needs to be fixed.

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