Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale done to Perfection, that can come to you in Carramar

Scratched or Scraped up your bumper? – Need Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale for your car? We can fix it!

Mike Journo
Mike Journo
Reggie did a great job and completed the work very quickly and efficiently…thanks Reggie.
Rusty Lincoln
Rusty Lincoln
Reggie put ceramic paint protection on my brand new 2021 Troop Carrier and I couldn’t be happier with his work. I wanted to wait a few months before writing a review as I wanted to see how it looked after a little time. I can say now that obviously it’s a new car but it stays cleaner and looks like it’s just been polished all the time. I’ve washed it a couple times now and it’s sooo much faster and easier to clean. Dirt and grime comes off super easy. If your looking for a professional job with ceramic paint protection give Reggie a call super stoked with his work and product 🙂 Thanks Reggie Regards Rusty
Couldn’t recommend Reggie high enough, hired him to bring my FJ back to new & he didn’t disappoint. Paint protection has him looking new again. Thx Reggie, appreciate your work!
Theodorus Andrew
Theodorus Andrew
Reggie is very accomodating and is easy to work with. His job is flawless and my bumper is repaired just as new!
Qian Zheng
Qian Zheng
First of all what fantastic repairs and it looks like new. The process from quoting, booking to repairing is very smooth and the repair on the day has absolutely no impact on what I need to do. Reggie is well organised, professional, and informative. Highly recommend the service.
waratah gallotti
waratah gallotti
Reggie arrived on time, was very efficient, professional and courteous. Highly recommend my sons car was sparkling after he had taken it 4 wheel driving and came back with some deep pin striping down both sides of the car, Reggie managed to bring the car back to new, Excellent work. Reggie also had a go at taking out pin stripes on my husbands aluminium Ute tray. Thank you.????????????????????
Jessica Camotti
Jessica Camotti
Reggie was fantastic to deal with he was very professional, efficient and did an amazing job at repairing the scratches, it looks like new again. I highly recommend Perth Bumper and Buff.
Peta Pie
Peta Pie
Reggie did a fantastic job on my vehicle headlights and scratches. Super convenient having it done at home, on time and very professional!
Cheng Zheng
Cheng Zheng
Reggie did a fantastic job on my bumper, you cannot even tell it's ever been damaged at all! He even touched up some scratches on the body panel and door that wasn't included in the quote so that they're less visible. Absolutely would recommend for anyone looking for a quality bumper repair service. Top notch!

Haven’t got the time to make it to a repair shop? Then a Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale from a mobile mechanic is the option for you. Perth Bumper and Buff is a fully mobile service, so we come to you in Carramar. Whether you have a scratch, dent, hole, or a cracked bumper we can repair it in 3 hours or less – at your own home or work.

Funnily enough, bumpers are not made for bumping, so when those scratches, dents and grazes all get too much we can repair the damage so your bumper looks like new using a mix of conventional and innovative technology. As well as minor fills and painting, we can weld plastic bumpers to fix cracks and puncture holes.

Unsightly scratches can occur after a variety of incidences:

  • Shopping centre carpark mishaps
  • Minor traffic bingles
  • Squeezing your car into gaps that just are not big enough
  • Naughty kids;
  • and a number of other unfortunate events!

But there is no need to worry Reggie and his team specialise in Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale. We come with highly recommended (check out our reviews), and aim to get your repaired quickly, and for the fraction of your insurance excess cost! The team at Perth Bumper and Buff are highly qualified and professional, so leaving your car in their capable hands to ensure your car is repaired fast and to a high standard.

Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale Carramar – Problems we fix

Our mobile service vehicle is equipped to fox most cosmetic front/rear car bumper damage including:

  • Surface scrapes and bumper scuffs
  • Bumper scratched (including key scratches)
  • Paint chips (stone chips, etc)
  • Dented bumpers – small dents and deformations
  • Imperfections and blemishes

Every dent is different, so we’ll need to see your car before we can confirm whether we can conduct Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale on your car.

How our Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale process saves you money

Unlike body shops and panel beater, we don’t need to respray large areas to fix minor damage. Instead, we use the following processes – highly efficient sanding/smoothing combined with low pressure, high volume spray painting, blending and computerised colour matching – to fix only the damaged areas. Meaning you can avoid buying an entirely new bumper and get your car repaired for less than your insurance excess. The results of this are:

  • Faster (same day repairs)
  • Mobile – you choose the location

We aim to achieve the perfect finish and most of our repairs are not readily detectable.

Example of the type of damage we can fix for you.

Restore your car’s value in a matter of hours at your home or at your workplace.

We cab repair your bumper bar to its previous condition without the expensive option or replacing the bar or the inconvenience of losing your vehicle for days to a panel shop. From a minor Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale to more extensive damage, we can restore your care’s value and save you money in the long run. Reduce unsightly blemishes, by perfectly matching the paint colour and surface level of the original paintwork. Every car is susceptible to chips and scratches. The service is a cost-effective alternative to a respray, targeting smaller chips and scratches.

Protect your no claim bonus!

Our Buff and Polishing Cars for Sale are much cheaper and quicker than those of a service panel shop. In most cases, our dent repairs cost less than your insurance excess. It makes sense to save your no claim bonus!

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Our satisfied customers explain why repairs are often cheaper than making that insurance claim.

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