Headlight restoration - after Perth Bumper and Buff

Headlight Restoration Wilson

Headlight Restoration Wilson

Have you got fogging or scratched headlights that no matter how much you clean or buff just won’t clean up nicely? Contacting a Perth mobile headlight restoration service is your next best step as it will save you time and money, then you dont have to spend money trying all the different products that promise results but might not give the final result you are looking for. Not only do fogged or damaged headlights look ugly they also effect the brightness and effectiveness of your car’s headlights, so dont wait any longer to talk to a professional today.

Did you know that faded headlights are in fact illegal? In fact vehicles with faded headlights won’t pass a roadworthy certificate, deeming the vehicle unfit for road use. Faded headlights also reduce visibility at night by up to 75%. Replacing them can be very costly and in most cases not necessary. We can safely restore your headlight lenses for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Headlight restoration - before Perth Bumper and Buff
Before restoration
Headlight restoration - after Perth Bumper and Buff
After restoration

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Best way to restore your headlights

Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to prevent your headlights from weathering over time, but the good news is there’s a range of techniques and products out there that can restore them to their former glory. 

People often ask us what is the best headlight restorer? Although there are headlight cleaning and restoration systems available at your local auto-shop, we recommend you don’t attempt to do this yourself. A word of warning that this is a difficult process to do on your own and you can actually make the headlights worse if you dont know what you are doing.

Our headlight lens repair fixes common problems such as clouding, which occurs naturally to polycarbonate lenses over time, usually after the manufacturer’s UV protective coating has degraded:

  • Cloudly headlights
  • Foggy headlights
  • Hazy headlights
  • Dim headlights
  • Scratched lenses
  • Yellowed plastic headlight covers

New headlights can cost thousands of dollars but the Perth Bumper and Buff headlight restoration service is cost-effective, time-efficient and will return your headlights to a crisp, clear factory-like finish within an hour or two (depending on the extent of work needed to be completed).

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